Stephanie Sudikoff

Stephanie Sudikoff

Stephanie Sudikoff, MD

About Stephanie Sudikoff

I am honored to serve as IPSS President-Elect  I have been fortunate to previously serve as a Board of Directors member and Treasurer. It has been tremendously gratifying to participate in the society’s growth over the past few years.

Visions and goals for IPSS

My vision for the coming years falls into three broad domains: continued growth, enhanced member engagement, and fiscal health.  To date, our membership has blossomed to ~350 members; we need to continue to support that growth by expanding the heterogeneity and breadth of our network.  We must foster strategic relationships, both in and outside of healthcare in order to achieve that goal.  Our members are an extraordinarily talented global force! We need to maximize their productivity by creating a sound platform to ensure that each and every one of those fabulous voices can be heard.  IPSS can only realize its incredible potential through the active and robust engagement of every member.

As IPSS members and Pediatricians, we share a passion for global outreach and advocacy for those less fortunate than ourselves.  In order to fulfill this mission, we must establish prosperous and reliable finances.  Our business plan must include not only efficient management of expenses, but also opportunities to generate revenue outside of meeting registration and membership dues.  I believe that there are opportunities to foster philanthropic relationships that could serve as one such revenue stream.  I am sure that you all can suggest many others and I am anxious to hear your ideas.

Strengths and experience

I am a pediatric intensivist, and am the Director of Simulation for Yale New Haven Health System, a 20,000-employee group of hospitals in the northeastern United States.I believe that my position at Yale has prepared me well for IPSS presidency.  I have spent the past 6 years building a brand new, inter-professional, comprehensive simulation program from the ground up.  In this capacity, I have nurtured my own program through a staged maturation process, identical to that of IPSS.  Along the way, I have learned the value of strategy, flexibility, and collaboration.  I look forward to the opportunity to apply those lessons learned to IPSS.


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