Richard Levin


Member, Board of Directors
Richard Levin, MD

About Dr Richard Levin

I am an enthusiastic and dynamic Paediatric Intensivist from Scotland. I have a keen practice and research interest in paediatric simulation. Simulation medicine is becoming more universally embedded in to curricula worldwide and I believe that IPSS can be at the forefront of change. As a ‘young’ organisation I would relish the opportunity to help direct policy and procedure of IPSS and support committees at this exciting time.

Visions and goals for IPSS

IPSS is a ‘young’ organisation beginning an exciting journey in the world of paediatric simulation. A global forum is essential in order to co-ordinate and maximise the potential of educational and research opportunities within the paediatric simulation world. It is very apparent that-at a time of global recession-resources need to be maximised and that duplication on a regional and national scale is not uncommon. This represents poor use of personnel and equipment and ultimately places a further squeeze on budgets which are already constrained at this time. I believe that IPSS is in a prime position to deliver paediatric simulation on a global scale and to disseminate educational and training packages that will compliment the training of doctors,nurses and healthcare professionals worldwide. The same model can be applied to research opening the door for multi-centre international collaborative projects which are greatly lacking in this field of medicine. As a Member of the Board I feel that I could significantly contribute towards major policy decisions with regard to education and research.

Strengths and experience

I have had a practice interest in simulation medicine for over 5 years and a research interest for the past 3 years. I am dynamic and enthusiastic and can bring new and challenging ideas to the IPSS. I have good experience of committee membership and give of my time and experience willingly and unswervingly in pursuit of excellence. I have a willingness to learn and work closely with others in order to achieve goals and meet targets. I feel that this is vitally important to ensure that the IPSS establishes itself at the forefront of paediatric simulation and achieves credibility on an global scale. I actively encourage interprofessional working practice and feel that this approach will maximise the societies potential. I appreciate the challenges that lie ahead but feel that I have the determination and drive to significantly contribute towards the aspirations and vision of the IPSS and would relish this exciting opportunity to serve on The Board at this exciting time.


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