Kimberly Stone


Member, Board of Directors
Kimberly Stone, MD

About Kimberly Stone

I am a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician and Simulation Leader at Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, WA. For the past 8 years I have used simulation for interprofessional education, team training, process improvement and environmental testing and design. At my first IPSSW conference, I was inspired by the dynamic, intelligent group of diverse professionals collaborating to enhance pediatric care through simulation across the world. I wanted in! When the opportunity arose to become Co-Chair of the Affiliations Committee, I jumped at the chance to be part of the inaugural leaders helping to shape this new organization.

Visions and goals

The mission and vision of IPSS is far-reaching and attainable with vision and leadership. I see the goal of the next couple of years as continuing to build the infrastructure while also expanding the reach of the society to include those worldwide involved and interested in pediatric and perinatal simulation. Building these connections despite geography remains our challenge. I envision much of the work to consist of building platforms in which those participating in educational, quality improvement and/or research projects can connect, share, celebrate successes and overcome challenges. These platforms will make those with experience available to mentor those getting started or reaching obstacles, and for combining resources and experience. Much of this work is started and needs passion and leadership to move forward. Annual meetings partnering with local leaders to promote simulation as an educational and patient safety tool is a start. We need to identify ways to continue this connection outside of annual meetings. My vision is that the annual meetings are where international groups have their working meetings while continuing their project progress via an IPSS website/ portal or platform between meetings.

IPSS is also uniquely poised as the international voice to work with industry to meet pediatric and perinatal simulation needs for both high and low-resource communities. I envision IPSS advocating with industry for training, equipment and other resource needs identified through our membership.

Strengths and experience

I see myself as a connector and organizer. Through my role as Co-Chair of the Affiliations Committee, I have helped IPSS form vital partnerships with simulation colleagues from across the world. The signing of affiliation agreements with WIFPICS, INSPIRE, SESAM and SSH is only the beginning, however. By my election to the Board of Directors, I can build on the foundation I have already started with these partnerships. Identifying the desire to work together is the launching pad for discovering existing projects and shared interests to move IPSS towards the goal of reaching the world. Moving these goals forward all take leadership skills which I have. Through my roles as a physician, educator, researcher, project leader and parent, I have honed my leadership skills. Being part of the IPSS leadership takes passion, intelligence and vision along with flexibility, the ability to work as part of a team, to engage all involved, and to move a group of dedicated individuals forward. I believe that I have these skills and am excited to apply these skills to helping IPSS attain its global vision.


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